October 24th, 2005


Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong

So, I am listening to a song by Eve, called "Life Is So Hard", and one of the lines in the song is "Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong". I used to and still do some days listen to this song when life gets hard.

But right now it's just in my normal playlist of music here at work, but I started to think about this song and how much I have used it, and it has helped me over the years. I used this song a lot to pull me out of the hard times, and to uplift me when I have needed it. I must say that I do get inspiration sometimes from some of the weirdest places. But there have been times over the years where I have just listened to this song over and over again whale crying about something. I think the last time I did that, it was when Barbara Whealer passed away.

Eve has self-described herself as a "pitbull in a skirt", which I think is a good description of her. This song is unlike most of Eve’s other songs. Eve's other songs are hard core rap songs and have Explicit Lyrics, where this is song does not. Also her raps normally do not talk openly about God and faith in them, but this one is different. In this song, Eve talks about how life is hard, and how she prays to God.

It just strikes me, that some one like Eve, where most people probably do not have a good image of her; expresses her faith in God and the fact that she prays to God when life gets hard. I also find it humbling that she is will to share the more hurtful details of her life, and the testifying about the ups and downs of success. All of this from a "pitbull in a skirt".

( 30 Second Song Clip of "Life Is So Hard )
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