October 15th, 2005


Events of the night & and a little update...

So tonight was loads-o-fun.

Kate(trinity_kate) and I went to "The House Of Nightmares" up in Mt. Vernon, OH which is about one hour North-East of where my Sister lives. Now, this is not your normal city type run of the mill haunted house. This is a 130-year-old, four stories tall, ninety rooms & 40,0000-sq. ft building. It totally kicks ass!

So, it took us around 30 or 40 mins to go through this whole thing, and it was a hoot! We were last and middle in a larger group of people, and Kate and I just laughed our whole way through this. If there is anything that I have learned from my sister, is that when you go to a haunted house, you must laugh your way through it. So, that is what we did.

It was also fun, cus the people who were in front of us, had kids with them, and they were scared crap-less. Then behind us, we had 2 teenage girls, who where screaming so loud through the whole thing. It was fun.

Then afterwards, we made our way back into town, and stopped off to have dinner at a place called "Max & Erma's". It reminded me much of Applebee's only a hell-of-a-lot better. So, we ate there and I had the Garbage Burger, which despite the name was really good.

So, I guess I should update about last night since I did do a Photo Post about it.

Last night, Kate and I went to Plank's Beer Garden with about 20 or so other people from Trinity. I also must feel I should tell you all that my sister was on call last night at the OSU Hospital as a Chaplin. Well, only about 5 or 10 min's after we had gotten there, the pager went off. So, Kate called in, and found out what was going on, and she had to go in. So, being that I would be of no help to here at the hospital, I stayed behind at the bar with the rest of the group, and Kate went to work.

So, an hour or so later, I get a call from Kate, saying she is done, and asking if we are still there, and if she should come back. So, I told her yes. So, true to her word, about 15 min's later, she showed back up. Then we stayed for about 20 to 30 min longer. At that point, we all left, and headed back for campus.

Last night I slept very well, which I should have considering I had 3 drinks in about 1.5 hours or so. The first one I sipped on. The other two, I did not sip on, but more drunk in a quick amount of time. To say the least, I was not feeling any pain last night, which was fun. I have not been to the point I was at last night in a long time.

So, this vacation has been great. I have gotten to sleep in (something I have not done in a long time). Also, I have just been lazy, and very unproductive, which has been nice. Granted, I have also gotten some things for work done, which is nice. Also, I do have some math homework that I need to do, so I will try to get on that on Saturday & Sunday. I am not going to put it off, cus there is no way in hell I am going to want to do my homework at 11pm when I get back into town on Sunday. So, I must get that done!

Anyway, for all of you who wonder, I leave Ohio around 5 or 6pm on Sunday, and get back in to Albuquerque around 10:30pm, with a 2.5 hour lay-over in DFW. I must say this trip has been worth the airfare and such that I spent to get up here. It has been nice to relax with out having to deal with the crap of being in town and such.

Anyway, it's getting close to 1am here, so I should really get to bed.


It's official, Daniel Craig is 007

From CNN:
LONDON, England -- One of the worst kept secrets in the entertainment industry is no longer a secret.

Daniel Craig, a blue-eyed and blond British actor, is the new James Bond.

Sony Pictures on Friday confirmed media reports that Craig will replace Pierce Brosnan as the suave British spy of the silver screen.

So, only time will tell if he is any good or not. Growing up with having Pierce Brosnan as the guy who played James Bond, this will take a little getting used to.

So, after looking at the IMDB, I have not seen any of the movies that Daniel Craig has done, so I have no clue what type of actor he is, and how he will hold up in the role.

So, I guess I really shall save my judgement until I see the movie, and then go from there.
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Picture Post (A work in progress..)

So, I walked down to Starbucks on Main Street in Bexley. It's really cool, cus its an old bank building. It even still has the old vault, and you can go sit in there and drink you coffee, so that was cool. I took some pictures with my phone, and also went back out and took more with my digital cam. Anyway, since I can, I thought I would share the pictures that I took with you all, so here they are. Also, since I am a huge dork, and forgot to bring my cable that allows me to upload my digital cam to my computer, I will update this again when I get home, or do a new post (not sure which one yet).

One last thing, right now only one picture has a caption, but when I get around to it, I will fix that too.

A really cool Starbucks in a old bank building.
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