October 13th, 2005


News: Oracle Scores Open-Source InnoDB Storage Engine

Oracle on Friday purchased InnoDB, the Finnish open-source database company whose add-on table storage engine for MySQL rivals MySQL's own MyISAM in popularity.

So, this could be fun. We now have to see if Oracle is going to pull a Microsoft out of there butts, and make MySQL pay to use "InnoDB". Could be fun to watch!
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Picture Post (They finaly fixed it!)

Yea, I can finaly do the picture post again. I was told by some people @ LiveJournal / 6A, that sprint had screwed up some XML stuff, related to how there pictures are sent, and thus was why LJ was not working with it. So, I am happy now, that I can do mobile picture posts again!

Anyway, so this picture is from the Balloon Fiesta, and has been sitting on my phone for almost two weeks now. It is the only one I took with my phone, since I knew I would not be able to post them live.



Picture Post

My sister off to work when she could be drinking.

EDIT [23:44]: Kate was on call tonight at the hospital, and just as we got to the bar, with about 20 other people from Trinity, the pager went off. So, I stayed at the bar, and she went to do her job. She got back about 20 mins before we left.