September 23rd, 2005


Google News

So, checking news this morning, and I went over to Google News. Well, sometimes I wonder about the images they put with stories. Well, have a look below and you will see what I mean.

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I really hate tests!

So, I think that all the UNM departments must get together and figure out one common day to have tests on. That day must have been today, cus DAMN! I had tests in both of my classes today, my Econ & Math class. It's not like I did not know this was coming, I mean we did review in both classes on Wednesday, but still. I think there needs to be a law that there can only be one test a day. I do not know how you would work that, or if it even could be done given how many days in a week there are, but still...

Anyway, so I get to the class room my econ class is in about 10 mins early, and the first 6 rows are already filled. Normally I would be a little peeved that I could not sit close, but its a test day, so I do not care. So, I sit down and make small talk with the random person next to me. We talked for a bit about the storms and such until they started to pass out the exam. During that 10 mins, I was freaking out like I do before any test. It's not that I am freaking out that I do not know the stuff, its more that I will blank on it when I need to use it, or that I have forgotten to study for something. Anyway, so once I start taking the test, it's fine. I blow thru the 30 question test with no issue, and finish in about 20 mins. I felt really good about this test, as I only really had to guess on one or two questions. So, I go down, and turn in my Scantron sheet and leave.

Now I have got 35 mins or so before my next class, so I go over to Mitchell Hall, and sit out side the class room my math class is in, and study while listing to music on my iPod. I go over the stuff, look at the equations I need to know and such, making sure to remember a few key things. What’s really funny is that I was really not freaking out about my math test. Granted, I was still a little stressed about it, but nothing like my econ test. So, finally the class before ours lets out, so I go in, sit in my normal place and just chill to music waiting for my prof to show up.

So, my math prof shows up, gets everything ready, and starts to hand out the test. So I blow thru the first 4 or 5 problems with no issue, even doing fractions with no issue. I was quite happy with my self. I think it was problem number 6, that I started to really have to recall stuff from memory. #6 was a distance problem, where you have two points and have to figure out the distance between them. The last time I took Math120 this was an issue for me, but my teacher told us it was just like the pathurs theorem (A2 + B2 = C2) except that for A2 + B2 use (X1 - X2)2 + (Y1 - Y2)2 = C2. So once she told me that, it was committed to memory. So, I blew that problem out with no issue once I changed it.

Then I get to about the 7th or 8th problem, and totally blank on the formula that I need to use. We were given a point (x,y), and a slope of a line, and told to find the equation then graph. So, since I at least know a point on the line, and the slope I got the graphing out of the way. Then I tried to remember that damn formula that I needed to use. So I finally remembered what I hope was the right formula to use, and finished up that question. The next question was much of the same, only that we now had two points on a line, and had to find the equation and graph it. So, with a little modification to the formula I used in the question before, I did that one. Then I happened to look at my watch, and I had about 10 min left. That was where everything went to hell.

I still had 3 questions to do, and time was coming short. So, I looked over the 3 remaining questions on the test, and saw that one was a word problem that was stupid simple for me. I do not know why, but 9 out of 10 word problems are really easy for me to do, whereas most people have problems with and/or hate word problems. It was something like this:

"Jane works at a clothing store. Jane makes $6.50 per hour, plus $1.50 per sale. She made a total of $88.00 working a 8 hour day. How many sales were there?"

So, all I had to do was:
(Wage per hour * hours worked = Hourly pay for day) (Total $ made - Hourly pay for day = Total $ of sales) (Total $ of sales / $ made per sale = Total # of sales)
6.50 * 8 = 52.0088.00 - 52.00 = 36.0036.00 / 1.50 = 24
So there were 24 sales that day.

So, that left only 2 questions left. The problem was there were both big questions, and I was totally blanking on one. So, I did the function problem, and got 2 of the 3 sections of that problem done, when I hit another stumbling block. The last section was: What is: f(x): f(A+B). and now that I look at it, I know what I should have done. O well. So, that left the last question, which was "Find the equation of the lines that goes thru the point (2, 4) and is parallel & perpendicular to a line with the equation X - 4 = Y." So, I again I did the graph with no issue, got all 3 lines graphed and found points of the graph of all there lines with no issue. My problem was, I was totally blanking on the equation cus of the pressure of getting it all done in the time I had left. So finally I put something down, and turned it in.

I like my math prof cus she does not count the whole problem wrong if we screwed up on something. She takes points off inside the problem. What I mean, is say one problem was worth 5 points. She would take 1 or 2 points off if got the answer wrong, but your logic was close. So, I do not think I will loose that many points over it. Over all I think I did ok on the test. My guess, is I got a B or B- on it. Also, for all you people, including my parents, "YES I DID STUDY. I Studied my butt off, the problem was that I spent too much time on one problem, and that screwed me time wise for the rest." So, we will see. I should get that back on Monday or Wednesday I would think, with next Friday being the latest.

So, tonight I am chaperoning the middle school lock in over at Faith. So, that should be fun, BTW, anyone got Duck tape? LOL. Anyway, then on Saturday I have a wedding at noon to go to, for a former co-worker from my old job. Then Saturday night is her reception at Gardunos on The Green. So, that will be fun, but I will be soo tired. Then Sunday is Church and such. Plus, I have to find the time this weekend to go over and mow the lawn for a friend who is out of town for 3 weeks. She has friend’s coming in to stay at her house the last week she is gone, and wants the grass to look halfway decent. So, I said I would do that for her. Not to mention I still have stuff to do for work this weekend, and I have homework means I am going to be one busy fool! Well, I am busy fool normally, but more so then normal. Anyway, now that I have been a total nerd with the math stuff above and such, I think I will shut up for now.

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Network Admin Quotes

So, my boss comes in the other day and hands me this magazine already turned to an article. So, in that article, he points to a gray box in the middle of the page that has a quote from the article.

This was that quote:
YOU DON'T NEED a super-hip, nocturnal, pizza-munching network administrator to coax appliances to work and play nice with other computers.

My response to my boss:
"Yes you do, and I can show you why in 3-key strokes." LOL.

Really the quote was worth a good laugh, for both my boss and I and that was the way it was meant. It was not suppose to be some poke at me or anything like that. I am doing just fine down here at CAC, and my boss does notice what a good job I do. He is very pleased with my abilities, performance, and dedication to the company.

Also, around here, you really do need "a super-hip, nocturnal, pizza-munching network administrator to coax appliances to work and play nice with other computers." Hell, we use Microsoft Great Pains, uh I mean Microsoft Great Plains. LOL. Getting that program to talk is like getting Johnny Tight Lips from the mob to talk. It's just not going to happen for a normal person. LOL. Also, I would like to say for the record that not all Sys Admin's are Super-Hip or Pizza-Munching. But we are nocturnal, but I think that has to come with the job, when the only time you can do system maintance is when the users are not working (READ AS: NIGHT). So, ya.

So, I thought I would share that with the group. Well, it’s past 5pm now, so I think I will wrap this up, and leave the office.

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Wedding Card...

So here is the card that I got tonight for my friends wedding that is going down on Saturday! It was too funny to not post here. BTW, my friend is the bride.

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