August 16th, 2005


Ok, A Real Update, This Time Is For Real!

So, I have been uber busy the last few days, and be that, have been posting basic crap to my journal. There was a post about stuff I want to buy, a Dilbert cartoon, and then the Target Vs Wal-mart, which I think was good. But anyway, that was all just filler! So, it's been a little under a week since I last wrote, so now I must remember what me and my lazy butt did for the last week.

Wednesday night, was Brian’s going away dinner, which was load upon loads of fun. I saw people there who I had not seen in ages. Food was good, but it was only Gardunos, so it was not great Mexican food, but hey it's food. It started at 7pm, and lasted until a little after 9pm, at which time I jumped ship, cus I needed to go.

I stayed over at my parent’s house on Wednesday night to help my mom out. She had an early morning distro at work, and my dad was still out of town as he opted to say an extra day in OK. So, alarm was set for 6am, which I got up for (which is a surprise). Fed the dog & cat's, dropped by Richards, took care of that crap then took off for the eastside of town where took a shower & changed clothing as I forgot to take a extra pair down to my parents house (call me a dork). Then it was off to work.

Thursday, I spent the morning getting 4 new phones activated. I got Terri, Carl, Richard, and Eric switched over to new phones. So far, things are going ok on that end. I have more just decided to move the contacts straight from the old phone to the new phone, which I can do.

I went at a little after lunch time to go get Jerry’s new PDA. It is the same model I have, and is a great unit. CompUSA took a long time cus it seemed like they had no one working today. Might have something to do with APS starting today or something.

Then I went to Lobo Internet after that, and worked with one of their guys, on getting the wireless to work. We had to move subnets for the wireless to work. So now, the wireless is on 10.10.10.XXX and the LAN is still on 192.168.1.XXX. It took us a good long time to figure that out. Which is really werid, cus it all should just work, but nope. The best part, it's not even a Microsoft item. lol.

I got back to the office a little after 3pm. Got some general stuff done, and then around 4pm ish, Jerry came and asked if I could help him with AutoCAD. I ended up fixing his drawing and making it look really good and all that. I got that done around 5:50 pm.

I then took off to Karen and Russ's since I was starting to house sit for them. After making sure everything was good there, I called the parents, and wanted to see what was going down. We ended up doing dinner at Mimi’s cafe. I had the fish tacos which were ok, but not the best (but I am hard to please when it comes to Fish Tacos). Then back to Karen & Russ's since to chill for the night. Went to bed early by my standards since we had the company breakfast on Friday Morning.

Friday Morning, the alarm starts going off at 5:45am. I lay in bed for 30 mins or so, just not wanting to get up. Then I jump in the shower, make sure the dog is all set, and take off for the office. Get in a little past 7am, and we ate around 7:45am. Food was good as normal. Linda and I gave talk about Alarm, and we passed out little cards with all the crap on it.

I switched over 3 more phones today, including Jerry's, so now I have that phone to use. I need to get the software working with it, or I will not be able to flash it right. But, we shall cross that bridge when we get to it. It does work with the other software, so worse comes to worse, it’s just going to be dig out the another laptop, install software, and use that. But, that is way way way too much fun. NOT!

Terri broke her computer Friday morning. Not knowing what was going on, she shutdown her computer and called me. I went down, unplugged and re-plugged the printer in, and restarted her computer, and bam it worked.

Then about 30 min’s later, she told me that she was still logged into Dynamics, and that I needed to kick her out, so I logged in and did that.

Went to lobo internet, dropped off the old firewall, as I am sure the new one will work, even if the wireless goes in and out. Then I also stopped back by CompUSA again, and got the price fixed on Jerry’s handheld, and then also got him a case at his request.

I knew I would have overtime for week, one or two hours. So, I gave my self the rest of the afternoon off, so I do not have too much over time. Cus, if I had worked the rest of the day, I would have had 43 hours just for Monday to Friday, not including weekend backup stuff.

Not sure what I did for dinner on Friday night, so it could not have been that good. lol.

Saturday, I deiced not to go to Santa Fe due the rain we have been having. So, instead I stayed in bed for a good chunk of the day, before getting the part of the weekend backup done before I had to go to Baby Sit, which was fun. I got money and dinner so it was not a bad gig. Plus those two kids are way too much fun. So, got done with that around 9pm, and went back to the place I was staying. Watched Alfie, which I thought sucked, so I turned it off, and went to bed.

Sunday, I got to church late, and did some things. Then I had lunch with Erik & Kelly which was good, cus it gave us sometime to chat about stuff that happened at church wide. After lunch, I went down to the office and did the rest of the weekend back, and then rocked up to Kelly & Erik’s for the pool party. That was lots of fun, and the weather held, so I got in the pool, and had some fun there. I also had some great Cherry Beer, that was brewed by one of the members of the church. So, all in all, the part was loads of fun. I then went back to my place, and slept in my bed.

Monday was back to the grind stone, well sort of. I worked until 1:15ish, took off, and got some lunch and then headed to church. We moved the library from its old spot back in the depths of the building, to a room right off the fellowship hall. I think I will make great use of this during this coming semester since I will have "western religions". Then took off to my apartment, cleaned out the frig, freezer, and cabinets and made a shopping list. Jammed to Wal-Mart and got 85 dollars worth of food. Came back to my place, got it all put away. Then I fixed dinner, did some other stuff, and then went down to Costco and made a brief stop at my office to get some stuff done. I was in bed by 10:45, and half way asleep by 11pm.

Today has been much of the same. Fixing things and getting phone going. I am a little more then half way thru this mess, and happy that it’s about to be done. Anyway, it's now a little past 1pm, so I think I am going to go grab a little lunch and relax for a bit.
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Playing Hardball

So, I am now playing hardball with our Verizon rep. Here is a copy of the message that I just sent to him.

Hey Rick,

I got a question for you. Is there anyway to do a 2 year 6 month contract extension? I am poking and prodding to see if there is any way to get the other 3 phones now. Because, basically a 2 year 6 month contract would put us at the same place as a 2 year contract would 6 months down the road when those 3 phones contract are due to expire. What I would love is for Verizon to knock off 6 months from the existing contact that we have for those 3 phones. Then extend that contact for another 2 years to get all our contracts to start and end around the same time, so in 2 years we will not have to deal with this crap again, so we could just get all new phones at once.

Anyway, talk with your boss about this, and see if can be done. Just so you know, we did talk to Nextel a few months back, and they were willing to put down over 3,000 dollars in equipment and other funds to get us to switch. But we stayed with you guys, so, I just thought I would pass that along to you.

All I am really asking for is to drop 6 months of a existing 2 year contract, and then start a new 2 year contact right now, for 3 phones. Sprint does that all the time when I change / upgrade something. All I have to do is "sign" a new 2 year agreement. So, that is my big bitch right now, and we shall see two things. First, how quick Rick will respond, and second, what Bullshit he will try to give back to us.

Does anyone know how to ask for a new Verizon rep, cus I just might do that. Cus this little f**er is being unresponsive some days of the week.

Anyway, that is all for now.