August 8th, 2005


Dumb Technology...

So, today, I got the firewall with built in wireless from Lobo Internet. So, I brought it over to the office, and plugged one of our extra laptops in to it, and set it up on my desk (which is exploding with crap right now & needs to be cleaned), but anyway, I was able to get in, load our current config on it, and get that almost all setup. So, I start trying to make the wireless work, and sure as shit, it fails. So, I try ever which way but Friday to get it to work, and nothing. So, go look at the Monowall site, and try to figure this out, but their docs are no help.

So, after 5pm today, I installed this unit, to make sure at least that it would work as a firewall, and stuff, which it did just fine. Then I tried all the wireless settings again, and got crap out of it. So, my mission on Tuesday is to take this unit & one of our laptops over to Lobo (I love having a local ISP), and sit down with one of the guys, and get it to work, with our current config.

There is other crap / stuff going on in my life, so I will update about that later, cus I need to run off and meet my mom for dinner.