August 4th, 2005


Is it Friday YET?

I think that has been my a question I have been asking this whole week. Is it Friday yet? Well, sad as it is, its only Thursday. But, good thing, is that tomarrow is Friday.

So today was my meeting with Covad Communcations, and that was different. I know going in that it’s a sales pitch, but with the pitch that Nextel and Lobo gave for communications, this one, some how, seemed to be more pressured then the others. They seem less willing to work with our existing equipment, almost like they want to sell us their equipment. To me, some of the solutions / features that they have, would only make life harder, and not help the company overall. I will wait to see what their quote is like pricing wise, and then make a decision of if I want to keep them in as an option, or just drop them all together. Also moving to Covad would require their own T-1, which in my mind is a huge equipment investment, vs using our existing T-1 that we have via lobo.

Got the DDS-2 tape drive installed and working in Charlie2, and basically figured out that it must be the old DDS-3 tape drive that is going, so I started to build a price sheet for a new DDS-4 tape drive. I am not only going to price one drive at multiple stores, but also multiple drives at multiple stores, so I guess I should really call this a price matrix, cus that is really what it is now.

So, now I am off to drive to the west side, fight traffic, and all that fun crap.

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