July 25th, 2005


Ok, a real update...

So, this weekend was a lost cause. LOL. So much for getting my sleep schedule back on track or getting anything done around the house. LOL. But anyway, right now I am going to back up to Thursday.

Thursday :
I had dinner with my parents up in the Heights, and after I went over to Barnes & Noble. So, I know I am a cheap person, but this is really funny. I bought 4 books for a grand total of 17.94. Now I say this is funny, cus I got them all off the barging section, and boy did I save. I would have paid 94.80 for all 4 books if I was paying the original pricing. So, here are the books that I got:

Martha INC.
dot.bomb - My Days and Nights at an Internet Goliath
Tom Brokaw - A Long Way from Home (Growing up in the American Heartland)
Bad Boy Ballmer - The Man Who Rules Microsoft

Friday :
I had dinner with some friends that I had not seen in ages, which was great. I need to do that more often. We must have talked for about 3 or 4 hours. I then got a call from Kelly, and she wanted to see if I could help her fix her stereo as it was messed up, and she and Erik both thought that it need new speaker wire. So, I ran up there, and ended up rewiring the system, and having to push some buttons, but Simi got it to work. It just had to last until Erik & the girls got home, and he has time to look at it. So, then we watched a bunch of stuff that she TiVO'ed until about 1am. So, around 1:30am I returned home, and finally hit the sack at 2am. I also broke my holster for my cell phone Friday night. That pissed me off, as I have only had it for 5 months.

Saturday :
As much as I try to sleep in, thing happen. This time my mom called around 9am. Now, normally that would be fine, but I did not get to bed until 2am, and was dead tired last week. But its all good, cus she did not know that I had gotten back in really late, and I was able to go back to sleep right after she called. I finally got out of bed around 1pm ish, and just moped around the apartment until 4:30ish, when I finally showered and headed out to the office to run the weekend backups and all that jazz. Then I took off for the Westside, to hit up a Sprint Store to try and find a replacement for my holster for my cell phone. Well, by the time I got to the west side, they had closed as it was now past 6pm. So, I ran over to Best Buy to see if they had anything and nope nothing. So, then I decided since I was in the area, I would drop by my parents house. I ended up having dinner with them, and thanked them for my birthday gift (a month early). So, a bit after 10pm, I headed back for home. I watched one of my NetFlix DVD's and crashed around 2am again.

Sunday :
Got up for, and made it to late church. This is like the first time in 2 weeks that I have been in town for church, and plus Erik was back so that made it all good. Then after late service we had a going away potluck for Kris and Ray as they are moving up to PA. I am sad to see them go, but I know this move will be good for them. Anyway, after the potluck, I went on a trek to find a holster for my cell phone that took me to 3 different Sprint PCS stores and like 20 miles of driving. But now, that is all fixed back up, only 20 dollars later. Then I came home around 3:30ish, and started watching CRAP SUNDAY TV. I do not remember what I watched; all I know is that I passed out on my couch. Got up sometime close to 6:30, and started to watch something else. Then around 7:30 I fixed dinner and watched more TV. I also watched Garden State tonight, and that was ok, but nothing to write home about. So, now here I am, it's getting close to 1am on Monday morning and I am just now getting sleepy, cus I messed my sleep schedule up even more then it was before I started this weekend.

So, ya, did not get anything done around the apartment. Did nothing to help my sleep schedule. Ya, can I redo the weekend? LOL. Maybe I will find time to get some crap done this week. Well anyway it's late. I should get some sleep.