July 7th, 2005


Reflecting and a few other things...

So, let me say up front, I am not scared to fly today in wake of the stuff that happened in London. But, as I am getting ready for my flight at 3pm today, I am sitting here at my desk, reflecting on it. I have changed a few things in wake of it, but nothing major. For example, my grandma is picking me up at work, and taking me to the airport, but I am having her come about 30 min earlier, so that way it will give me more time to get checked in, and deal with security at the airport. So, part of me worries, but the other 75% of me says that life goes on, and there is nothing I can do one way or the other. So, if shit happens, it happens.

Also my heart goes out to the families of the 33+ people who died, and the countless others that are hurt from this act.

So, now on to other stuff.

I have created an online version of my outlook calendar. This way, people will be able to check my schedule, and see what is going on. I am also doing this so that if I loose, break, or leave my PDA at home, I can just get online at check my schedule. Right now, I have stuff in the online calendar for July and most of August. I am also going to go thru my schedule and add things that are in the distance future, like the youth gatherings and stuff like that. If you want to check it out, go to http://www.localendar.com/public/claystorm. So that is all for now. I will try to post when I get into Wichita, but I will not promise anything, since I get in around 9pm ish.

So, now I have done it...

And I do not even know what I have done...

Today when I got to the airport I tried to check-in using the self service things, and it spit out a peice of paper saying that it could not help me, and that I needed to see a ticket agent. That was with my credit card, so I tried my check card thinking it may have not like my CC or something. But something with my check card. So I went up to a ticket agent, and he took the paper things, and started to type in the info.

So I said something like

ME> "Someday technology does not work for me",

And the ticket agents reply to me was:

TICKET AGENT> "No, the technology is working fine, you are on the FBI watch list."

That left me speechless, to say the least.

So, he finished checking me in, and I asked:

ME> "So I am on the FBI's watch list?"
TICKET AGENT> "Any one who is on the watch list has to checked by a gate agent, and not the self service things"
ME> Stunned Look on Face
ME> "OK"

So, I don't know if I have said something here on livejournal that spark it, or what, but now I am on the FBI's watch list according to the Ticket Agent Guy.

So we shall see, I will try and check in coming back from Wichita using the self service things, and if it works, then I will just assume the ticket agent guy was giving me shit. If it does not work, I will be calling the FBI come Monday.

So, that is my update for now. I am at the Albuquerque International Airport using the free wi-fi.


PS, as of right now. My 3:03pm flight from Albuquerque to DFW is delayed by 30 min and my flight from DFW to Wichita is delayed by 30 min also.

EDIT (7/7/05 - 13:58pm) :

So I found some LJ posts that could have caused this, if it was caused by LJ:

I just do not get this country sometimes....
I love other peoples computer screw up's
Set Love Free
Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

And, in the past 2 months or so, I have:

Gotten a new passport, that was expedited.
Been out of the country.
Gotten my first credit card.
Had a lawfirm call me, thinking I was someone else.

Plus, when I made this reservation, the AA.Com system was having major issues, so it might be a fuckup with that. But who knows.... (well, I could think of some key gov people that might know...)

So this could just all be for nothing, but we shall see, as I am flying to Phoenix on the 20th, so that will be the true and final test. If after my I fly to Phoenix, I am still being "watched", then I will deal / worry about it.

Flying or Not...

LOL. So, I hope to be on a plane at some point tonight. Hell, I really am hoping to be on two planes tonight.

So, right now, my flight has been rescheduled to leave Albuquerque at 7pm tonight (Org scheduled to leave at 3pm). It says it will now get into DFW at 9:39pm. So only a 4 hour delay. LOL

Now the big trick here, is my flight from DFW to Wichita. It says that flight is scheduled to leave DFW at 8:24pm & arrive in Wichita at 9:38pm. So, the only problem with that, is that this flight is scheduled to arrive in Wichita, 1 min before my flight lands in DFW. Opps. So we shall see. There is one more flight after mine going from DFW to Wichita. Right now, that flight is scheduled to leave at 10:20 pm & arive in Wichita at 11:34 pm. So, I am praying that my flight out of Albuquerque is not delayed anymore, cus if it is, then I will be staying in DFW tonight.

So you know what I said about I might blog when i get into Wichita, dont count on it. It will be just grab luggage, goto their house, and crash.

Anyway, that is all for now,