June 11th, 2005


WHY THE FUCK....(Server RAID Issues) Again.

Orginal Message Posted at 10:54am on June 9, 2005
Damn our server. Damn it to hell!

It is such a piece of shit, it's not even funny anymore.
So, RAID issues again. This time a different drive droped. Went to reboot and nothing. It sits at the RAID card screen and just takes for fucking ever. Finaly after letting it sit for like 10 or 20 min, it finaly goes past that screen. The problem is now it's having issues finding some Windows files it needs, thinking they are missing or messed. So this is going to be a really fun fun day.

So, if you hear of a computer being kicked out a window, and me breaking my foot cus this is a full tower computer, then you will know what happend.


PS, I put the updates and stats behind cut's to prevent this from being too long in peoples friends list. So, if you want to see the all the differnt progress status on things, click the "Updates" link below.

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EDIT (06-11-2005 10:03pm) :


So, if you can't tell, the server is fixed in time for me to goto the lake. Wennsoft upgraded the tables fine, and then I came back, and imported the data, and that all went well. We lost about 1.5 days with of data, but that is not bad, and as I outlined above, I will fix that so, that it is much lower. There were things that I could have done if I had been thinking, but that is in the past, so now I have to move forward, and start a new. Right now the backup is running, and telling me it's about 30 gb, and this is everything, so thats cool. So, I have not restored the login's yet, cus I have stoped the SQL server to run the backups and all the fun stuff. Anyway, time to run away to the lake for some very much needed relaxing.
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