June 7th, 2005


Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

So, I laffed really hard when I got this one. In a e-mail I got from my father, this was the subject.


I think I did good. If this was a UNM course, I would have passed. I personal got, "7/10, Pretty good; it seems you know your JavaBeans from yoru Favabeans, your slashers from your Slashdotters."

So, now it's your turn, take the Geek or Killer Quiz. Then comment with what you got. LOL.


PS: There will be a post forth comming about sleeping in a box. I have pictures, so I need to goto my apartment first, to download them to my computer before I can post. I hopeing to get that done tonight sometime.
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Albuquerque Journal Article

So, here is the article from the Albuquerque Journal about the sleeping box stuff for all ya all who are not in the metro area, or do not get the paper, or who just only read LiveJournal. The Journal cameout and did a story about us complete with a full color picture, and a black & white picture. It made the front page of the Metro section which is very cool. If I get a chance, I going to try and scan the story out of the news paper, and post an image of that here.

Also, as I said before, images will be forth comming, so just wait & have some fun reading the news about us.

Understanding Proverty


Church members sleep in boxes to raise money to build Juárez home.

By Leann Holt
Journal Staff Writer

Bake sales? So old school. Carwashes? It's been done. How about sleeping outside in a cardboard box and going without food for a new twist on fund raising?
    On Monday afternoon, teens and adults were hard at work erecting shelters from old refrigerator and watermelon boxes and duct tape at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Northeast Albuquerque.
    Their mission is to call attention to the primitive living conditions of many people in Juárez and to raise $9,000 to build a house there later this month. It will be the fourth such trip Holy Cross members have embarked on.
    After several hours in the relentless sun, their efforts produced a "condominium," complete with a semi-covered porch, a tall "house" with cut-out windows labeled "Pastor's Pad," and an assortment of unidentifiable enclosures.
    The group of about 25 from four area Lutheran churches said it would rely on the kindness of church members and strangers to supply food in an effort to understand what it would be like to live in extreme poverty.
    "I wasn't going to do this at first— sleep on the ground?" said 16-year-old Vallen Hutton. "But what's a night compared to living in a cardboard box? It puts it all in perspective."
    The Juárez house will be built in four days with the help of the nonprofit group Casas por Cristo. In 2004, the group helped 6,000 American volunteers build 300 homes in the city.
    The 437-square-foot structure will be home to a pastor, his wife and their four grown children. There will be no indoor plumbing.
    The house, large by local standards, will cost $5,500 to build. The remainder of the money raised will go for travel expenses for 15 adults and 15 teens and for supplies and gifts to leave behind.
    The pastor and his family now live in a makeshift shelter built from scavenged materials such as packing pallets and cardboard, said Holy Cross Pastor Erik Karas. The situation is not uncommon in Juárez.
    Nancy Tarin, a 17-year-old who helped build a house in Juárez in 2002, said she was shocked by what she saw there.
    "It's crazy how little these people have," she said. "They barely have running water. Here we are playing with boxes they can't even have. It's sad."

How to donate

    Donations to help the youth of Holy Cross Lutheran Church build a house in Juárez may be sent to 6901 Wyoming NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109. Call (505) 821-4676 for more information.
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Just me being a geek

So, I found a really interesting story online today. New Macs: Intel Inside and More here Yep, it's true, it's public knowledge. After 30 years, Macintosh is moving away from IBM's PowerPC chips, and going to Intel.

So, now what this means is that in-theory, and this is only my theory, but you could put Mac's OS X & or Tiger on a Dell, or HP PC computer, and have it work just as if it was on running on Mac hardware. So, what I'm saying here is that Mac is at a point now (or very soon) to try and take on Microsoft in the Operating System playing field. If you could just run out to CompUSA, or your favorite computer store of choice and grab a copy of OS X. You could format your PC computer and convert really quick and easy. Now granted, being that OS X and beyond are all UNIX based system, finding App's that will run could still be an issue. But with the ever growing number of company’s that are building Mac versions of their PC based software (even Microsoft does this), the heat could be building on Microsoft.

Now more of my theory here, but if you could run OS X on a PC, then why not run Windows XP on a Mac? With Mac switching to Intel chip's, there is a chance that one could run Windows on a Mini-Mac. So, if you are a fan of the hardware that Mac puts out, but not there OS, your time may come. There have also been rumors floating around that the Microsoft Camp is working on their own version of Windows that will run on a Mac. Part of me says, I would so not put it past them to do that, but another part of me is skeptical on that rumor.

So, granted, Yes, I love my start bar as much as the next Windows IT person, but I have had a opportunity to use OS X back when it was new, and I loved it. It has to be one of the best GUI's for a UNIX system in years, and has perks that Windows & Microsoft are getting rid of by them second. One thing that I loved is the command-line interface. It's like typing "CMD" on any windows box, but it opens up a UNIX command line box, that can run any command on the OS. Not like windows, where only something can be run from CMD, anything can run from the UNIX command line. Also, over the years, Mac has figured out what makes a good interface, and I must saw they are getting very tempting.

When the mini-Mac came out a little while back, I was temped to drop 600 dollars, and get one. For now, I have not, but to have something that is only 6.5x6.5x2 inches would be great. The features they packed into are also great, and hell, it would be smaller then (not to mention crap load cheaper) my laptop. So, if my Theory is correct, then I could just jump out and buy a copy of OS X, for 129.99 (at CompUSA.com) and load it on one of the extra computers I got laying around my place. I mean 129.99 for a OS is great. I just checked, and a new copy of Windows XP is 299.99 (at CompUSA.com). So in the future, if you hear of me jumping ship, and moving to OS X, you now know why. But I mean just think of the savings.

Well, that’s more then enough Geek Speak for now.


PS, also now with Microsoft moving Office's file formats to XML(more here)and not their own crap, it's getting better and better to move away from Microsoft products.
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!! Mexico Servant Fundraiser Photo Post !!

So, yes, I downloaded the pictures I took of "Box City" during the Mexico Servant Trip Funraising event. Some are funny, others are really good shots I'm very happy with, and others, well you will just have to see. I took 45 some odd pictures, but have only uploaded 11, and I resized them so that you poor poor people with dial up accounts can see them. If you have dial-up, you may want to click the link, then go get your beverage of choice and comeback.

I have found one down side to being behind the camera, you are never in any of the pictures. Which would also explane why I have lots of pictures of differnt things, but almost none of me in them. Well, I hope you enjoy them, as we really had fun doing this, even if we did not get much sleep. And when we did sleep, is was not quality sleep.

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