May 18th, 2005


Not as bad as yesterday

So, today looks better then yesterday. Yesterday I worked about 10 hours, straight with no lunch. Then I went to my council meeting which only lasted about one hour, so that was a good thing. Then, cus my body still wants to live the college student life style, I stayed up till like 1:00 or 1:30am for no good reason.

So, this summer, my mission in life is to be in bed by 11pm. To do this, I am thinking about adding another dish network receiver to my TV in my bedroom, in hopes, I will go lay in bed to watch all the normal TV I watch. I'm hoping that way I can just turn the light off, and I will get tired, which watching TV in bed does to me. Now the only questions is which receiver do I buy, another 311 like I have for 99 dollars, or buy the one that can do recording of programs for 299. I'm not sure, and will have to think long and hard about this. It more boils down to, do I want to spend 100 or 300 dollars.

Also, what makes today a good day is I'm only in the office for a half day. My former boss & principal down at the Elementary school I attended back in the day is having her retirement party today, so I'm going down to say goodbye to here since she is moving to Texas. Also, it will be good to see the gang again. It’s been a year or two since I have seen the whole gang so that will be good and fun.

Today’s TODO List is much smaller then yesterdays:

* Verify backup ran / verify data.
* Audit the last summer’s cell phone bills, to predict cell phone usage (or at least try).
* Add office cell phones to national do-not-call list.
* Write memo about telemarketing to cell phones being illegal.
* Schedule a time for me to go back out to Bob M (Company VP) house, and setup his firewall. (not in office today or yesterday)

Also, I just love when I forget to gas up on my way home from work. So, I had to hit Costco this morning on my way into the office. I had 290 miles on that tank of gas, which is very pushing it for my car. It took 13.841 gal @ 2.059 per gal for a total of 28.50. So, it’s good that the price of gas is coming down. I forget, but I think my car has a 16 gal tank, so I was cutting it a little close.

So, that is whats new and going on today.

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Why are all the showes I like cancled

So, CBS has canceled "Joan of Arcadia".
So, WB has canceled "Jack & Bobby".
So, UPN has canceled "Enterprise".
So, NBC this year canceled "LAX" & "Father of the Pride".
Fox has not come out with there fall schedule yet. I think that happens Thursday.

So, why is it that all the shows I seem to like are the ones that get canceled. Yes, it may just be that I watch crap & like it, but damn this is starting to piss me off. Any the networks wonder why I don’t watch TV that much anymore. Channels like USA, which has "MONK" and discovery which has "American Chopper" & "Myth Busters" are what I'm watching now. I do think that TNT & USA show a little too much Law & Order, but at least I know that any night of the week, I can prob catch an episode if I want. LOL. I think all the networks (NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, WB, and UPN) all need to take a lesson from the likes of HBO, USA, & Discovery and create new shows that are fun to watch. They need to stop it with the damn reality TV programming, cus that got old a long time ago.
I mean, even reality TV is nothing new, hell, MTV was doing it long before the networks were with shows like "Real World" & "Road Rules".

So, everyone feel free to comment with what programs you like that have been axed this year or for the up coming fall season. Because I wonder if I'm the only one, or if there are others out there like me.
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