May 4th, 2005


It my quest to better my LJ.

So, in my quest to was waste more time, I have come up with a new title for my journal. Well, I can not take credit for this one. The real credit should goto Adam from the show Mythbusters. He is one the said it, and I loved it so much, and I figure it fits me very well, so now it's the new title to my journal.

So, I know you all are asking your self, if Kevin had all this stuff to do, why is he watching Mythbusters, well I will tell you why. Cus I worked my butt of on the paper all day. I got into work before class this morning, to test and restore the backups and to test a few things that needed to be done anyway, and well, when I was there I told my boss, Dennis, that I had a paper to work on, and if he would not mind, I would take today off, and be on call from my house. So, I grabed my work laptop after class, and headed for the hills (really, my house, but same diff). So, I've been on top of the whole e-mail thing all day, and have had to log into the VPN a few time to do a few small things. So, I have been working on my paper since 1pm, with a few stops along the way for VPN's & E-mails. So, I figure at 9pm, a small 2 hour break was in my future. So, here I am, still working on a few things for the paper, even if I am on break, but I'm watching MythBusters at the same time.

So that is my paper, work, and other bull crap update.

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