April 24th, 2005


Just a random update

I went grocery shopping today, but I started out going for only a few items, and ended up buying about twenty-two dollars worth of food. Some of it was impulse shopping, but most of it is stuff that I will end up eating for lunches & dinners. One thing I could not pass up was Banquet Personal Potpies, normal .99 cents, but they were .50 cents off today, so I got 10 of them. Also, a while back someone had given me a rather large bag of store bought frozen chimchanga’s, and well, I found something very close to that, and there were only 3.50 a bag, and each bag has 10, so I got two bags. I also got some salt & vinegar potato chips & some BBQ sauce (which what I originally went to the store for).

Anyway, but I can not buy anything else that is frozen, cus well, lets just say I would not have a place to put it. My freezer is completely full. LOL.

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Also, a fun little fact, I try to run most of my posts thru Microsoft Word’s spell check, and for some reason spell check thinks that the word “chimchangas” is wrong, and has no clue what it is. I think someone needs to build the southwest / Mexican spell check for MS Word. Funny.

Well, I got to run, cus I got to get some things done.

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The guys over at JibJab have done it again...Matzah!

So, I dont know if any of you remember "This Land!" or "Good to be in DC!" or "Second Term"? Well, there were all done by the Spiridellis Brothers, the guys who created and run JibJab. Well, they have done it again, with there new video "Matzah", which if you click the image below, you can play it and laff.

If the image does not show up or the link does not work, go here to load it: http://www.atomfilms.com/contentPlay/shockwave.jsp?id=matzah&preplay=1&ratingBar=off
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