April 13th, 2005


How much I hate Verizon...

OMG, I'm so pissed off at Verizon, it's not even funny. They were supost to have credited us back 2.5 months worth for 13 cell phone lines that were to be turned off, but they did not get around to it until the middle of March. Also, as per our account rep Rick Courville, we were not going to be charged the Early Termamation Fee for the 13 lines that had to be turned off.

So, we get our new bill today, it's $3,664.26. Last month, even with all of the 13 other lines still on the bill, it was $1,950.18. We all about shit a brick when we saw that. It turns out, they never did credit us back for the 13 lines, and then did change us the Early Termnamation Fee of $200.00 per line for the 13 lines that got shut off.

So, I called our rep, and left him a very stern and nasty voice message, and sent him a e-mail that said about the same. I also, called Verizon help line, and the only thing they said, is they would have to e-mail our rep, and ask him.

So, I'm sooooo sooooo pissed off its not even funny.


and to top it all off, I think I'm getting sick.
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