April 1st, 2005


So, I'm still at the office...

It's Friday, and I'm at the office still, it's 6pm. This bites.

Why am I still at the office, that is beacuse the server messed up again.

So, here I am, on a friday night, and I'm still at work, I will post more info as I can.

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Happy April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day

My last post was bull crap!

It was my lame version of a April Fools joke.

My sister Kate (trinity_kate), pulled a great April Fools joke, after her first one simi-failed. See Kate, this is what happens when you get Old, Slow, and Out of Practice!

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People look alike!

City of Albuquerque Deputy Chief   'Data' from Star Trek:TNG
City of Albuquerque
Police Deputy Chief
  'Data' from
Star Trek:TNG"

Ok, so the picture on the left is of the City of Albuquerque Police Department Deputy Chief. The picture on the right is of "Data" from Star Trek, The Next Generation. Do they look alike or what?
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