March 22nd, 2005


OMG - This is too funny, to me, at 2:30AM

The guy who played Frasier Dad (John Mahoney), was also on Cheers, but not as Frasier's dad. He played "Sy Flembeck" in episode: "Do Not Forsake Me, O' My Postman" (episode # 11.5) back on October 29, 1992. I find it funny. O well.

Also, since I'm talking about Frasier, here is the list of people who did the most guest apperances.

Actor or Actress  
# of Episodes
Tom McGowan  Kenny Daly  (41 episodes)
Edward Hibbert  Gil Chesterton  (28 episodes)
Patrick Kerr  Noel Shempsky  (21 episodes)
Millicent Martin  Gertrude Moon  (18 episodes)
Saul Rubinek  Donny Douglas  (16 episodes)

So, that is my random post for now.

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