February 18th, 2005


So, I did start my new job!

So, Yes, I finaly have started my new job as System Administrator for CAC. I do have e-mail, address, and phone crap to update, but I'm not in the mood to do it right now. So, when I find the time to do it, I will compile all the crap, send out another long, mass e-mail and update you all about my new job. Until I give out my work number, my cell phone does sitll work, and works better at my new office (service wise), so you can all hit me up on that. If you dont have my cell number and would like it, reply to this, and I will get it to you!.

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A note to all.


I just wanted to tell you all that Barbara Wheeler passed away last night (Thursday night / Friday morning). I got the call around 6:30 am Friday morning. She was surounded by family and friends until the very end. I will update you all on when & where the service will be, and all the other details.

With God's Everlasting Love and Grace,
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