February 11th, 2005


Things I have learned in french class!

Ok, so after taking french for 2 semesters (same class, dont ask), and this bein my third, I finaly got a teacher that will teach us the good stuff, FRENCH CUS WORDS!.

So, this is my disclamer, if you can read french, and you dont like cus words, or if you can read english and do not want to see the traslations of the french cus words, then please do not read. But, this is fun, so please read on....

Cochen = Pig
Con = Idiot
Merde = Shit
Baise = Fuck
Nous a tous foutus dans la merde = Fuck up
Rien = Damn
trou de cul = Hole of bottom (traslate to, Ass Hole)
Putain = Whore
Salope = Bitch
vieille branche = Son of a Bitch
Souillon = Slut
le cul = The Bottom, The Arse (traslate to, Up The Ass)
votre mère = Your Mohter

If I can remember more, I will edit, and post. I also, might start using some of these, who knows, so keep your ears up, cus who knows what I might say.

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