February 10th, 2005


Ok, so some of you have asked...

Ok, so some of you have asked me what I do all day. Well, School & Work. LOL. Ok, so there is more then just that, so I thought I would show you what my day was like today.

7:00am - Wakeup
8:30am - Leave Home.
9:00am - Class
10:00am - Class
11:00am - Class
12:00pm - Done with class, help campus pastor with computer.
12:25pm - Leave for strength test.
12:35pm - Get to strength test, find out, only guy who does it, just left for lunch.
1:00pm - Get to work.
4:45pm - leave work.
5:00pm - Get to UNMH to see friend.
6:25pm - Leave for home.
6:35pm - Get home, fix dinner.
7:20pm - Leave for Ash Wednesday Service.
7:30pm - Ash Wednesday Service.
9:00pm - Leave church.
9:10pm - Back to UNMH to see Friend again (see yesterdays post)
11:05pm - Leave UNMH.
11:20pm - Get home.
11:45pm - Write first post in LJ.
11:59pm - Start this post in LJ.

So, granted thats not really a normal day, but it's really close to it. One day, when I get the chance, I will post what my normal MWF's look like, and what my normal TR's look like. But, this is my life, I'm very busy, sometimes too busy, which is why I sleep so much on weekends. LOL. So, now thats its late, I think I'm going to grab a snack, and head to bed.

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