January 23rd, 2005


Just another reason why I hate bush.....

Here is another reason why I really hate bush:...


Bascily, Bush is cutting all funding for the Hubble Space Telescope, and quoting the news artical: "The 15-year-old Hubble Space Telescope will face a miserable fate, because the Bush administration plans to cancel any Hubble repair mission and cut funds in the proposed budget for fiscal 2006."

That ass.

Well, with that said, just another reason why I hate bush.

Maybe this will become a new thing for me, I can start posting all my reasons why I hate bush.


Thats all for now,
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One last one for tonight...

Who wants to give me $2,565, ok, maybe give is a bad word, how about gift me with $2,565 dollars. Ok, so I want to buy a new bed, but I want the set. Here, check it out for your self: http://www.westin-hotelsathome.com/HeavenlyBed/bed.html This was the bed I slept on at middle school youth gathering and it had to have been the best damn nights sleep I have ever got. Trust me on this one, I got the best nights sleep at a hotel. Yes, a hotel.

Well, if you wish to give to the Make a Happy College Student Fund, make all checks payabul to Kevin S Murray. lol.

If you do wish to help, feel free to comment, as everybit helps.