January 9th, 2005


Sleep is Good, Very Good!

So, I forgot how much I love sleep. But being sleep deprived will do that to you. After staying up for 24+ hours, then getting 3 hours of sleep, then being up for another 8 hours, I was really tired (see "So, I have been up all night, and I'm trying to....."). So, I decdied to go to bed at 5PM last night. I then proceded to sleep until 10am this morning. So, I basically slept for 17 hours, and it felt damn good.

After I got up, I went to Einstein Bagel Bro, for breakfast. I then went to church, were I ending up upgrading the pastor’s computer and the support computer to Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 & defragged the secretary’s computer. I took some heat from my parents for not being in service, but I never have any other time to get that type of stuff done at church. But, hey, it's done now, and I can move on to other projects that I need to get done around there.

Well, I'm off to spend some of my Christmas bonus money, that I thought was goin to have to be used for a gym membership, but my grandma (Who is the best and coolest grandma in the world), said that she would pay for it. So, I think I might buy a wirless keyboard and mouse, but I'm not sure yet. I may not spend anything, but we will have to see.

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So, I bought something....

So, I spent money. Yes, I know, I don’t normally spend money, but when I do buy things, I do it large. But, I try and get it for cheaper, even if it means I don’t get everything I want.

So, I decided that I did not need the one that had all features
Like the text zooming ability.
With 5 favorite buttons.
With the fake leather.

So, instead of buying the 99.99-dollar model, I bought the 49.99-dollar model. I then bought a 4-port USB hub, for 20 dollars, which is something I have needed for a long time. I just have too many damn things that run on USB, so it’s sitting on my desk, and I have not tried to see if I can print yet, but I might after this post.

Well, I just tired to print, and it worked. I feel blessed that it works. Well that is all that is new from my end of the earth.


Just so you all know, I bought a wireless keyboard / mouse combo and a 4 port usb hub.

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