November 21st, 2004


My very cool, but very tireding weekend.

I just got back in town, and I'm fine. Fucking tired, but fine. I was helping out at the 2004 Rocky Mt. Synod Elca Senior High / High School youth gathering. I was what is called cornerstone, which is basicly doing security (Keeping the Kids in line, making sure they were in there rooms, making sure there we were they were supost to be, ect) and just helping out in general.

LOL, the first night (Friday), lights out was midnight, and we walked the halls to make sure all the kids were in there room until 2am and finally got to sleep around 2:30am, and the alarm went off at 6:30 Saturday morning, so I got about 4 hours of sleep. Then last night (Saturday), lights out was not until 1am, and we walked the halls for about an hour, and finally got to sleep at 2:30 again. The alarm went off at the same damn time this morning, so for the past 3 days or so, I have gotten 8 hours of sleep total.

What was really cool was the fact that Saturday, we all woke up to about 5 in of snow. It then snowed all weekend, and it was still snowing when I left around 11am. I love the snow, but the walkways and roads at the conference center were all slush, so my shoes got totally socked. So, I had to go back to my room many times, and grab a dry pair of socks, and use the blow dryer to dry my shoes.

It was a really good event; we had just a little over 600 youth, and then about 100 to 150 adult leaders or so. But that is nothing compared to the jr. high/mid school gathering that the synod puts on each year in January. Last year they had 800 youth, and like 200 adults. This year, it looks like we are goin to have over 1000 youth, and 300 adults and cus of that, we had to move it to a new hotel, cus the old one could not handle us all. All I have to say about that is DAMN. Cus, the mid school gathering was started only about 5 to 7 years ago, and there goal the first year, was to have 300 youth. The numbers keep growing by leaps and bounds each year. As for the high school event, it averages around 550 youth, with numbers as high as 600 and as low as 500. But, we are hopping that with all of the mid schooler going to there gathering, they will then want to go to the high school gathering.

Beside being security for the event, which was cool, cus I brought my set of two way radios, and our synod has about 8 of there own, and other people brought there own, so, we all had radios to keep in touch, and it was sooo cool. (Hey there’s got to be some perks to the job). But anyway, I was also a CLIC Leader, with CLIC standing for Christians Learning in Christ. So, I lead a small group bible study, and had about 8 people in my group. This was my first time leading a bible study for high schoolers, and at the end of the last group meeting, I got comments from the youth in my CLIC group, that my group was the best bible study they had ever been in, and was one of the best small groups that they had ever been in. So it was all good, and that really pumped me up (and yes, I know my ego did not need a boost, but it got one anyway).

So that has been my weekend. I think I might take a nap now, but I get the feeling that if I do that, I will not go to sleep tonight, and that would be a bad thing. So, I'm going to play it by ear.

Damn, I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is coming up next weekend. It just feels like yesterday was the first day of the semester, and now I have got about 3 weeks of school left, and then finals week, and I done for this semester. I will tell you how I have done when I know my self.

Well that is about all I'm going to write for now, being that I have started my own book here. So, with that said, I will talk to you all later.
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