Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Why I love my Friends...

So I was talking wtih a friend this afternoon on AIM, when I asked him a question that I think most people in the Albuquerque area would love to know. His response made gave me a really good laugh, so I asked him if I could quote him, to which he said yes. Bellow is my question and his repsonse. LOL

Me: So you ever think that we will find out who won the District 1 Congressional Race?
Jon: When Santa Clause is discovered with 200 pounds of crack cocaine.

But really, when the hell are we going to find out the freaking answer to that question, cus I am very tired of the "On going news" crap where they report live from the county's election warehouse. Just count the freaking votes and tell me who won. I mean, I am tired of all this BS of Madrid did this, or Wilson did that. And both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are bitching about almost anything they can find.

I am sick of it all. I am glad that we got our TV's back since we do not have to listen to all the freaking political ads but, hell the 2008 elections are right around the corner. Hey, maybe we will know who won by then? LOL.

Anyone else as sick of this as I am?
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