Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

The upgrade...

So the upgrade has been going so smooth. I am very happy with the progress on the upgrade. It started around 1pm on Friday with me doing lots and lots of backups. You can never have too many backups. Backups took around 2 or 3 hours to do which was not bad over all. So then after making sure everything was ready to go, and I had done everything that was needed prior to starting the physical upgrade, I started the upgrade to 9.0.

I got Dynamics GP 9.0 on and patched (hey, its a Microsoft product) around 3:30pm and it started to upgrade our database files around 4 pm. It finished upgrading the database files around 7:15pm which happened to fall right when my parents called to ask if I had time to sneak a dinner in. So I took off from the office at 7:30pm and meet them at the Outback Steakhouse just up I-25 from my office. I had a nice dinner and was back to work just after 8:30pm. I got back and started getting Wennsoft 9.0 EX loaded up on the server and patched up. It started to upgrade the database files around 9:30pm and went to just before 1am. I went to bed at 1am since I was just beat and it was a good place to stop for the night anyway.

I was really surprised to get as far as I did Friday night. I had only expected to get Dynamics GP 9.0 loaded and then have it start upgrading the database files before going to sleep. So Saturday morning all my energy was spent getting post backups done and updating all the client computers. I was surprised at how much longer the post backups took. I am not sure if I was just moving slower or what, but it did take longer to do. So then Saturday afternoon was spent getting the Dynamics GP 9.0 and the Wennsoft 9.0 EX software on the client computers. I must say that took a crap load longer then I ever had thought it would. I think I started that around 3pm and finished up around 7pm. I decided to quit for the day since I was beat and way more ahead then I had ever thought I was going to be.

So now I am about 95% done with the upgrade. I still have to do some stuff to each computer and then there is one client computer that is giving me shit and not wanting to install the client software right. It figures that it was the last one I worked on and I really did not want to mess with it. I figure in the morning I will uninstall the client software and just give it another shot again. If that does not work, its not a big problem as this user is not in the software that often. Other then that, and a few cleanup tasks I am done with the upgrade.

I really did think that I would not be done until late Sunday night even if everything went according to plan. Also the other thing that I am very surprised is how well rested I have been thru this. Since I got so far ahead on Friday night, I was able to sleep until 9am, thus getting 8 hours of sleep. So I was very well rested to start the day. Now do not get me wrong, I am dead to the world tired since I did worked my ass off. I have 66.5 hours for the week (26.5 of those hours were Friday and Saturday), which is right in line with my projections. I figure I should around 70 hours once everything is all said and done, so that will be a nice pay check come next week. hehe.

So other then that one client computer not wanting to install the client software, I have had no problems at all. Now I really should not be too surprised since I had been planning and testing this upgrade on the test server for about the past 2 months or so. But even still I have tested stuff on the test server before to only have it fail on the main server. So that was nice not to have to worry about anything at all. Now all I need to do is get the backup server converted over to 9.0 in the next month before I have to do year end close.

So that is that, and yep I am still shocked about how well this has all gone.
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