Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Random Stuff, Tax Dollars, and an update...

So I am sorry for the lack of real updates since I got back from Cleveland and all the picture posts. It's kinda amazing how when you miss one day of work, you get a backlog of crap which leaves me running from point "A" to point "B". I tried another picture post again tonight, but for some reason it crapped out once (and told me), and then the second one just never went thru and I can not find what I need on LJ's side to see what’s going on.

On a different subject, the government is now trying to micromanage the sexual activity of consenting adults with our tax dollars. Now since the government is now allowing me to get married, they basically are saying that I "should" not have sex. Now never mind the fact that I am 22 years old, I am a legal adult, I have a sound mind and can make educated decisions. Never mind all of that, what really kills me about all of this is that Abstinence Only Education is a very stupid program. Abstinence Only Education teaches just that, Abstinence Only.

In Abstinence Only Education they do not teach you anything other then Abstinence. Do they teach you how to use a condom just incase you do something stupid? NO. Do they teach you about birth control, HELL NO. It’s stupid. I think abstinence education is a fine thing only if it’s taught in conjunction with condom and birth control education. I do not remember what study it was, but there was a study done that found young people who were abstinence, were less likely to use a condom or birth control if in the heat of passion they had sex.

I think abstinence is a great idea for teen's and pre-teens, I really do. They are too young to be having sex even if they use protection or birth-control. But anyone over the age of 17 (age of consent) or 18, they should be able to figure out and decide for them self's when they feel ready to have sex. Part of me wants to go have lots of random safe-sex with as many random guys as I can just cus of this. Now granted, since I have that sound mind thing, I won’t, but knowing that the government is spending my tax-dollars on this crap makes me want to.

So now that you have read my rant, here is what’s going on in my life. Cleveland was great (as great as it can get). I saw rain, hail, and snow all in about a 30 min period and more dark and gray sky then I have seen it a while. I must say, since we get 300 days of sunshine a year here in New Mexico, it was nice to see a full weekend of rain / hail / snow and gray sky’s. LOL.

The BNL concert was freaking great! It was beyond great, it was, um words can not describe it. I had lots of fun being with Kate (I always do) and it was nice to get out of town, even if it was only for 3 days. But I have learned a lot. First off, flying cross country and back in 3 days does suck. It takes all freaking day to get back east from this area. My flight left at 7am, and if we were on time, would have gotten me in around 3pm. But since my flight was about 2.5 hours delayed I got in close to 5pm.

Now granted coming back was great. I had those Midwest pilots; the ones who love to get in early and damn did they get us in early. We got in to DFW like 40 or 50 mins early. Everyone on the plane was freaking shocked that we got in that early. So I went and found a nice place to have dinner and then rode the DFW Sky Link around the airport for a long time (hey had to kill time some how). I did figure out that it takes 20mins to make one full loop around the airport. Ok, I think I just show how White and Nerdy I can really be. LOL.

Anyway I came back to a crap load of work. I really must remember that if I am going to take one day off work, I really should just take two. LOL. We are having problems with Verizon again (no shock right?), but since this one might land in from of the lawyers, I will save you from the details. Also the upgrade is coming up in one week from tomorrow and I am starting to freak out just a little.

I really should not be freaking out cus I have tested the shit out of this, but um, ya, I can not help my self. I will worry until it’s done and there is nothing I can do about it. Also during that weekend (Nov 10 - 12) I will be sleeping at the office since the upgrade will have me keeping weird hours. If I work my ass off, I might have it done late Sunday night, but we shall see.

So then in two weeks (Holy crap, its only two weeks away) is the High School Gathering up in Estes Park, CO. I am helping out at the gathering again this year, so I really looking forward to that. Plus that will be a nice reward for getting the upgrade done. Then in 3 weeks it’s Thanksgiving (um, damn already?). I got no clue what the heck is going on for Thanksgiving, but I do believe I am house sitting for someone. Then it’s only a month until Christmas which means I will be back in Cleveland doing the whole Christmas thing with Kate and the family. That will be a nice almost 2 week vacation.

Anyway, this has gotten freaking long enough. So that’s what is up with me, and what I have been up to as of late. Now I sleep!
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