Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

In response to Mondays post...

Sorry I never really posted anything more about my post from Monday. So I will try and give some background and get you all up to speed.

Monday, when I got in to the office I found out that the wife (Mari) of the President (Bill) of the company I work for was not doing good, and was in the hospital. For awhile that was all we knew as we were only getting 3rd hand info. Ok, more background info, Mari has battled breast cancer for about 7 years now and we all figured out that it had to be related to that.

Well it turns out it was. Coming up to this point, for the past few weeks she has had some issues, but nothing major. Well what everyone thought was a back problem was really a blood clot in her back and caused her kidneys to shut down. Well that mixed in with the return of the cancer and well it was all down hill from there.

We were told Monday afternoon that Mari was not expected to make it thru the night. We were all heart broken as everyone at work knows Mari and knows what a great women she was. When we got in on Tuesday we found out that she lived thru the night, but was for all matters was dead. She was in a coma and the only thing keeping her alive was the machines. All day Tuesday we expected that we would get the call of her passing. We all knew it was coming and there was nothing we could do.

At some point on Tuesday Bill came into the office and not breaking down in front of Bill was the hardest thing I have done in a long time. We found out that if Mari lived thru Tuesday night, that they were going to pull her off life support first thing Wednesday.

Well around noon on Wednesday we got the call that we were all dreading. Mari had passed on. I think everything came to a grinding halt at work as news spread about Mari's passing. Bill and his family are surrounded by some really good people at work. Dennis (my boss & GM) and his great wife Judy are taking care of everything for Bill and his family. As such, much of the afternoon was spent doing things to get ready for what is ahead.

What I think kills me the most about all of this, is that Mari was younger then my parents, right around 50. They have two boys, who are both just broken up over their mothers passing (Hell I would be too). Bill and Mari's goal was to see both of there kids graduate from High School, to which they came so close. One of their boys graduated last year and the other is a Senior in high school this year.

So that is it I think. This weekend there is going to be a Celebration of Live for Mari to which I can not make cus I leave town Friday. I must say it was a hard choice to go out of town will all this going on, but I figured Mari would still want me to go ahead with my plans (BNL concert in Cleveland with Kate), as she was that type of person. I am sending Bill a card, and also sending his two boys a card too as I know them well.

Please keep Bill and his family in your thoughts and prayers over the next coming weeks and even months. This has been hard on, Bill & his family, everyone at work, and hard on anyone who knows Bill or Mari.

She was a great women and will really be missed.
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