Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Squirrel In The Office...

No this is not the name of a really bad movie (well it might be), but one of the hazards of leaving big bay doors open all day is that we now have a squirrel loose in the office. LOL.

So I was working here in my office when I hear Carl (a co-worker) yelling my name really loud. So I open my window in my office and look out and I see Carl.

Me: "What?"
Carl: "All the motion sensors for the alarm are in the main office right?"

Me: "ya, why?"
Carl: "There is a squirrel loose in the warehouse."

Me: "What?"
Carl: "Ya, I just saw the damn thing's tail."

Me: "Just open a door and see if it will go out"
Carl: "I do not know where it went. It just ran under the fork-lift and then off into that part of the shop"
Carl: "Its ok, I will just bring the 22 in the morning".

So ya, now we have a squirrel loose in our office and it sounds like the hunt is on in the morning. LOL. The fun never stops.
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