Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Can Nov 7th Come Fast Enough?

Good lord, I am so sick of all the political ad's. I am sick of all the "Did you know Heather Wilson did this?" or "Did you know that Patricia Madrid did that?". I am just sick of it. Can the General Elections on November 7th come fast enough?

It seems that all the campaigns this year have gone negative very fast. Also it seems like (and for the most part) every other commercial on TV is a political ad. Some are good (non-negitive) ad's and most are bad (negative) ad's.

Even candidates that up until now have run a mostly non-negitive campaign have turned to running negative ad's against there opponent. I would much rather hear about what you can do then what your opponent can not do.

I think on Friday of this week, or Monday of next week I will make the trek out to Bernalillo, NM so I can do early votting. I must say that my only grip about the rest of Corrales getting annexed in Sandoval County last year. I now have to drive all the way out to Bernalillo (about 15 miles from my office) to do early voting & stuff instead of going to downtown Albuquerque (about 3 miles from my office) to take care of that stuff.

Now I am still trying to figure out a few races. I spent a good chuck of the night trying to figure out who I am going to vote for in the few races that I was undecided in. Here is who I am most likely to vote for (all subject to change):

(r) = Republican :: (d) = Democrat

GOVERNOR: Bill Richardson (d)

LT. GOVERNOR: Diane D. Denish (d) (Gov & Lt. Gov are a slate vote)

SECRETARY OF STATE: Mary Herrera (d)

STATE AUDITOR: Lorenzo Garcia (r)

STATE TREASURER: James B. Lewis (d)



U.S. REPRESENTATIVE (DISTRICT 1): Heather A. Wilson (r)


If you want to check out who these people are, and what they stand for, check out the THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS GUIDE

I love that I am all over the board in respects to the political party system. Really I am right down the middle, with 4 republican and 5 democrat candidates and really one of the democrat candidate's is cus the Gov and Lt. Gov are a slate vote. Now I know I am going to take shit from some of my family for some of these candidates, but really, I do not give a shit. I am my own person (I know, can you believe it?) and as such I will vote how I feel.

So now that I have that figured out, time for dinner.
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