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Better Sleep = Better Day

So, I know I have some very weird subjects for my post, but in my head they do make great since. Take for example, todays Subject of "Better Sleep = Better Day". I say this, cus I bought a new Mattress Friday night. It's a Ultra Plush Pillow Top, Made by Sealy. Not that my old Mattress was bad or anything, but I wanted a new Mattress. Something a little more softer then what I had. So, after planning and saving money, I bought a new mattress. I did opt for the delevery charge of 39.99 cus, well, it's just plain easy, and I'm lazy. So, its they should show up between 4 and 7pm, so we will see if they do or, if they are like the damn cable company.

Now you all will love the price I payed for this thing.

Org Price: $1300.00
My Price: $650.00
My Price after 5% low price Guarantee: 580.00 + 5% of that.

Man, I love the internet. I found my same mattress, well, a comparable, which means, same damn mattreess, just different model name, which is very common place in the mattress industry. So, I'm getting the mattress I want, for more them half off.

Well, I think thats all for now, so I will update when I have had a chance to sleep on my mattress.


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