Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Mock documentary could get superintendent fired...

From the Education section of --> Mock documentary could get superintendent fired

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- A suburban school superintendent says he was only trying to be funny when he took videotaped interviews with his new teachers, spliced in his own gag questions and made the faculty members look like killers, strippers and drug users.

Now he could lose his job.

Um, funny or not (which this is not), um you are the freaking superintendent of a school system. You are a freaking adult, fucking act like one! I worked in our school district here in Albuquerque (which is the 34th largest school district in the country) for 2 years, and if this type of stunt was ever pulled here, the superintendent (or who ever) would be gone so fucking fast its not even funny.

What the article goes on to say kills me even more then the stunt:

Madigan said a burned DVD of the video found its way to the media soon after Mitchell, who is openly gay, told the board he intended to file a sexual discrimination claim under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Why does he think this freaking has to do with him being gay? I do not freaking understand it. I hate people who think its ok to hide behind there sexuality. Shit, do not even get me started on that Foley asshole. These type of people are what set gay-rights back 10 years instead of allowing us to move forward and have the whole world accept us for the regular people that we are.

This guy fucked up, and he just need to stand up and take it like the man he is. End of Story.
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