Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Google Manhattan

Google has seized a big chunk of Manhattan real estate: 300,000 square feet to be exact. That 300,000 square feet occupies three block-long floors of a skyscraper at 111 8th Avenue. This new space makes room for more then 500 New York-based Googlers, which is up from a mere 80 Googlers last spring.

This photo slideshow from eWeek reveals a typically Googley setup: Air-hockey games, copious amounts of free food, and bright colors everywhere. You'd almost think you were back in Mountain View at Google HQ.

Um, can I say that I covet their office? I mean really? Damn, who ever Google has working for them to design there office's does a great freaking job. I think every nerd has a dream of working for Google, and hell the free food and play room does not hurt. lol. It’s like preschool all over again. All Google needs to do is add in naptime (which for all I know they may already have), and it would be preschool.

People wonder why Google is able to turn out such great products, but to me its no secret. They hire the best people and they keep them happy, very happy. Working for Google has lots of perks, which in my book is the secret to success.
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