Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Colliding With Death at 37,000 Feet, and Living...

I was looking at the online edition of The New York Times tonight when one article caught my eye. The headline said, "Colliding With Death at 37,000 Feet, and Living" and the tagline for the article was "In a corporate jet flying 37,000 feet above the Amazon rainforest, I heard the three words I will never forget: 'We’ve been hit.'"

Reading this article I could not help but be amazed if not shocked. How do you survive a mid-air plane crash? How do you survive being the smaller plane? Amazed. That is all I can say. We hear so much about plane crashes and the people who lost there life, but so rarely do we hear the other side.

As I sit here watching "The Tonight Show", I wonder how would I react? What would be going thru my head? Would I stay calm and collected, or would I be loosing my mind?. I hope I never have to find out as these 7 people did. What I can say is that despite all the odds, they beat them.

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