Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Little Miss Sunshine...

Tonight I am going to see Little Miss Sunshine with my parents downtown. I have wanted to see this movie since it came out, and I noticed today when I was reading the Venue section of the Albuquerque Journal that it was still playing. So I called up my mom and asked if she wanted to go see it too. This will be a nice change of pace for this week. Right now, it looks I will have 45 hours by the end of the day. Plus I still have stuff to do on the weekend, so I am looking at 47 to 50 hours for the week.

Um, ya. It would have been more, but I made the choice to sleep in this morning (I know, I know), and get to the office at 10am. I must say it was a struggle as I wanted to get to work, but I do really need to at least try and watch my hours and I was freaking dead to the world this morning. I was going to take most of today off, but since I am still have fun with that error in the sv00505 table, I need to stick around and try to bust thru it.

Right now my boss is gone for the week, so that means my music is set to a really loud volume setting. I must say that is a plus to have an office on the second floor of my building. Including me & my boss, there are only 3 people on the second floor so I am able to listen to my music at a louder volume then if my office was downstairs in the main office.

So ya, that is what is going on right now. I am waiting to hear back from Wennsoft Tech Support regarding the problems I am still having with the sv00505 table. But instead of sitting on my hands and doing nothing, I am testing some stuff. hehe. Let’s see if I can beat them to figure out what’s going on (like I did about a year ago, lol)
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