Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Just an update on the update...

So it's Thursday evening, and I have 38.5 hours for the week. Normally I have 38 hours by the end of Friday so I can spend 2 hours on the weekend doing stuff that needs to be done (like the weekend backup and stuff). So it’s not all bad. I must say that this week has just flown by and I have had lots of fun. I would much rather be busy and have time fly by then to be bored and have time feel like its standing still.

So here is the update on the update (I know it’s a little redundant). I ran into an error this morning when I tried to upgrade the Wennsoft stuff. This is not the same error I had when I left the office last night. That was just me being a dork, and picking the wrong option which caused that error. This was a big full blown SQL Scripting Error, something I can not fix. So I gathered up all the info I needed / had for the error and e-mail Wennsoft's tech support people.

I must say that I love Wennsoft cus I can bug there tech support people when ever I freaking want, which beats the shit out of Microsoft’s Tech Support people which I have to blow 125 dollars a shot, even if its a stupid-simple two second issue.

So I got an email back from one of the people in Tech Support asking my which sub-version I was on (forgot to include that cus I am over worked). So I sent that back to her, and not more then 45 min later she called me. Turns out that Wennsoft released a new Service Pack early this year for our version (7.5). Well I never even thought to check for once since ver 8.0 has been out for about 1.5 year, and ver 9.0 has been out for little over 6 months.

So she told me which one to download and then to revert back from my 9.0 install to the 7.5 install (which did allow me test my fail safe [which worked]). So I started the upgrade to Service Pack 20 and it got to the 2003 historical payroll company and gave me yet again another SQL error. So I was again like SHIT. I think I said a few other things under my breath too, but I quickly remembered that about a year ago I fixed a major bug / problem in the 2003 company and wondered if I had just restored the wrong 2003 file.

So I restored the "fixed" 2003 company and it updated just fine. So then at that point my dad came over to pick up the tool crib I sold him (speaking of that, I need to ask my boss if I get part of that, for the sale, lol) So after helping my father load it up in his truck, I finished up a few quick tasks and then took of for my parents house to have dinner with them.

After dinner was over, I promptly returned to the office and started the install of 9.0 again. So I got the 9.0 software installed and when I left the office tonight at 10pm it had started the update to all of the database files.

So with any luck in the morning, I should be able to jump right in and do the Wennsoft 9.0 upgrade and let it update the tables, I hope with no errors. So I had hoped to be further along then where I am, but this is also why I have allocated 2 weeks for T&D (testing and development).

There is other stuff, but I am too freaking tired to update about it right now. Maybe if I get some time in the morning, like when Wennsoft is updating the database files, I will update about the other stuff that happened in my day.
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