Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Random Construction Message

In my last entry, I talked about the construction message board that had me cracking up. Well on my way to pick up dinner for the movie the youth group was doing tonight I took my camera along and snaped a few photos to share.

So again, just to refresh your memory (if its anything like mine, you will need it), there are only two frames to this message board, both of which I have pictures for bellow in the order they display. Every-time I drive pass this thing, I feel like going "Um No Duh" or "No, Really, I had no clue". LOL Anyway, Enjoy.

Only 1 Day UntilMonday Sept 18th

I feel I should also add that this is the same message board that before this weekend had on this first pane "Only 1 day until..." and then on the second pane "Middle of September". I kept trying to figure out what in the hell there crypt message was trying to get across. This time its better, but still they only tell me its one day until tomorrow. LOL
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