Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Almost Friday....

It’s almost Friday and I just can not wait. LOL. No reason really, but I just want this week to be done. LOL. Nothing major planned for this weekend. Just church and a interfaith youth movie night at Holy Cross.

Yes, believe it or not, but us Lutherans do play nice with other religions. LOL. The youth from Covenant United Methodist and St. Chad’s Episcopal Church are getting together with our youth from Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The movie we are watching is Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, which is a timeless classic. I hope we have good turn out and I think it will be fun....

In other news, in late October I will be flying up to Cleveland, OH (where Kate is) to go see the Barenaked Ladies concert with here. Its a really short trip but should be fun never less. The last time Kate and I saw the Barenaked Ladies was back on August 11th 2001. It should be a good show and a nice little mini-vacation at that too!

Other then that, there is not much going on in the Land of Kevin right now.
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