Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

I hate stupid crap that does not work....

I hate stupid stuff that should work, but does not. One of our new(er) computers has got issues, and everything points to bad hardware. One part might be a bad network drop, which I am going to redo in the morning anyway. But, a bad network drop should not make the whole computer slower then crap.

So after I get done running all the "told you so" stuff (diag's and crap), I am going to call up Dell in the morning and tell them to come fix the computer cus its still under warenty and has one of there higher end warentys anyway. That and I am trying to move over to a new e-mail server for the office.

I have everything setup and ready to go, I just need my ISP to make the switch. But the problem is that every time I call over there, the one guy who can do this is out of the office, at class, or what not. I keep leaving messages, but I do not think they are getting to him. LOL. So that is also on my todo list for early in the morning.

Ok, time to get out of here, pick up dinner, and goto a meeting.
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