Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


I love life, I really do. I love that life is not something that you can read a self-help book about and 2 days later know all there is to know about life. I also love that there is not a class you can take called "Life 101", its just something that you learn as you grow up.

I also love that you never ever stop learning about life. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about life, something else happens, and then bamn you know something else.

That is life. You learn as you go, and you are bound to fuck it up as you go from time to time. I think we now live in an age where if you fuck something up, its a big deal. Where as, it used to be that was life, and people got over it. Sure, there are something that have always been big fuck up's. Murder, Rape, and stuff along that lines.

But now more then ever it seems that we put pressure on our selfs not to fuck things up in life. 20, 40 years ago, things were much differnt. Now granted they did not have the interweb or anything close to that (um, can anyone say Apple IIe?), but it was still a slower way of life. There was less pressure to "work your brains out" then there is today. Not to mention if you screw anythng up at work. Now days, it seems that if you do the smallest thing wrong, you are getting taken over the coles for it.

I think that we all need to take a step back in life, to just enjoy life. I think we would all be much better if we did not worry about things like we do. I mean we worry about stupid crap that we should not even worry about.

So anyway, on this weekend, take some time to just stop, look around and not worry about anything. Trust me, you will feel much better.

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