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So, it's SNOWING!

Well, as my title says, it's snowing, and has been for most of the day. We have about 2 to 3 inches on the ground right now, and they are excpecting another 2 to 5 inches more of snow tonight.

As of 6PM,

I-40 Both Directions from Albuquerque (Tramway Exit) to Moriarty is closed.
I-40 Both Directions from Moriarty to Santa Rosa is closed.
I-25 Both Directions from Albuquerque (Bernalillo Exit) to Santa Fe is closed.
I-25 Both Directions from Las Vegas to Santa Fe is closed.

Well, lets just say, you arent getting there from here.

I am taking pictures, and when this crap is all over, I will post them. I might take the my digial cam with me to work, and take pictures of my office. That is if I can get to my office. Well, I must get to my office sometime, beacuse I have to do the backups.

So, thats it for now. I will update later.


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