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TGIF Motherf***er, TGIF......

TGIF (For you younger people: "Thank God It's Friday"), that is all I have to say. Friday means I can sleep in tomorrow morning (cat & dog willing). Friday means I do not have to commute 10 miles to the office in rush hour traffic. Friday means I just got paid last night / this morning. And last but not least, Friday means I am half way done house sitting for my parents.

I must say it has been nice being here in Corrales for this past week. Being in the village I grew up in, hell for that matter, the house I grew up in. But this is no vacation, not at all. I am the man of the house (its ok, I laughed when I wrote it). So being the man of the house (hell the only person of the house right now), mean that I have to take care of everything, and I mean everything.

I have to deal with the Cat & Dog. So that means the cat is waking me up at 4 and 5am to be fed cus the cat has no sense of time. That means cleaning up after the Dog when he has pee'ed down the entire length of the first floor of the house. It also means cleaning up after said dog, and he takes a shit on the floor right after said pee'ing on the flood. It means trying to wake up the damn dog in the morning, who I might add is worse then me when I was a teenager.

All this week, I keep thinking, "What is the difference between a new born child, and a 15 year old dog?" Anyone, come one, someone has to have something here? no, ok. I do. "The new born child wears a dipper." lol. I love Smokey (the dog), but damn he has been a royal pain in my ass this week.

As I said above, he pee'ed the length of the first floor. See, ok, let me explain. I got up that morning, fed the dog, and went up stairs for a quick second to grab a pill for Smokey. In that 2 min top that I was up stairs, he pee'ed the floor, and left the rest of his blatter at the door to the back yard. So be that as it may, with out getting my feet soaked in dog pee, I told him to go lay by the front door. So I went in the utility room to grab a mop and bucket, and just in that short, quick time, Smokey the dog had taken a shit on the floor. So I had to clean up his crap (done this many times this week) and then mop the floor. Let’s just say I feed him out side now, and that his bedding has been washed many times this week.

Aside from the Dog and Cat, my commute had more then doubled in mileage. Also depending on the day, it had doubled or tripled in time. I know remember why I love how close my apartment is from my office.

But there have been some good things about being back at my parent’s house this week. First off, I have a 2000 sq foot house to my self for over 2 weeks. Second they just opened a new Flying Star Cafe about half a mile from my parent’s house. Third is that it’s in the Village of Corrales which is a nice little farming village on the NW edge of Albuquerque.

It’s kinda nice to be back where I grew up. I have seen a lot of people that I knew from school and other places. That’s part of what I like about Corrales. Even at close to 10,000 people, people still know other people. I know most of everyone on my parents road (even still now), whereas I do not even know any of my neighbors at my apartment building.

Also this past week has made me realize how much I love my refrigerated air. As a side, my parents have a swamp cooler (, and since we have now had the wettest August on record (over 3.75" at the airport) the humidity has been freaking high. For those of you who do not have to deal with a swamp cooler, they really only work when the humidity had been freaking high.

Also speaking of wettest August on record, we have seen more rain in the last 2 months then we normally get all year. Right now we have a little over 7" at the airport for July and August. Well 7" to 9" of rain is what we normally get in a year. Also the airport has only seen a fraction of the rain that the rest of the city, and hell state has. One weather station I check in the far NE heights of Albuquerque has seen 6" of rain this month alone and just under 12" of rain for the last 2 months. It’s just freaking unreal.

Ok, now that I have written a small book as an update, I think I shall shut up. Hope you all are well, and life is good for you!
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