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Taking a break, well not really......

So i'm on vacation, but not really. I still have a bunch of stuff to work on for work. So I'm not in the office, but I'm still doing work. So basically I'm getting paid to be on vacation, but the downside is I'm not really on "Vacation". But the show must go on fokes.

Anyway minus the working on vacation thing, is going good. We surprised Jordan today. She is my Cousin. Her boyfriend was supposed to fly in on Monday, but he really flew in tonight (Sunday) and then Randy & Cindy (her parents) said they were going to a movie, but really they were going to pick him up at the airport. So, when the doorbell rang, I went up to her room, and was like, "your door bell just rang, and I really don't feel comfortable answering strangers doors.", so she was like "ok, whatever" and went down stairs to open the door to find her boyfriend. She was so happy and her dad was like "We so punked you Jordan". LOL, it was sooo much fun.

Well, it's late here, like 11:30 late. So I'm heading to bed.

Take care all you all,
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