Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Albuquerque Traffic

Here is what I want. I want one website that I can check for all information about roads in Albuquerque and New Mexico dealing with City, County, & State. I know this happens in other places, but why can't people in New Mexico work together? I mean, come on, is this really that hard to do?

The State of New Mexico has there website (, which has stuff about state roads, and The City of Albuquerque has their website (, which deals with road construction in the city, but why can there not be one site that has all of this, plus real time info on traffic and freeway road speeds? I mean, we have an ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) system here on the interstate in the metro area, but do we have access to any of this crap, hell no.

How hard would it be to have one person during the morning and evening rush hours entering traffic problems that are on major roads and freeways into a website that could be seen by anyone? You know how nice it would be to look at a website just before leaving the office, and knowing what in the hell is going on out there? It would be very nice! Or even better, a website where you can set it up to alert on your mobile device of preference about problems on roads that you use the most.

Every time I mention something to the City or State, they just blow me off. I do not even get a reply back from them. 311 works great when you need to find out info about stuff that is already going on, but does not work when you have an idea. There are times I just do not get this city or state. I mean I live in a "high tech" state. We have 2 national labs, a major chip maker, plus a crap load of other stuff, yet our transportation systems are way behind the date. It just makes me mad that every night when I leave the office it's like playing Russian Ruleit as to if traffic will move or not move in this city.

Now I know some of you will just tell me to listen to the radio as they have traffic reports. Well there are two things wrong with that, one, I do not listen to the radio and second is that most of the traffic reporters in this state do not know there ass from a hole in the ground. Add in to that, that only one station does traffic reports on any schedule (770 KOB) and that is AM. 770 KOB is about the only radio station I trust traffic report wise in this city, but they are on AM (Which I hate more then radio in general). Plus some of us like not having to hear commercials every 5 seconds.

Ok, I am sorry that I am ranting, it just pisses me off. I have come to realize how much this makes me mad now that I am coumuting from my parents house in Corrales to the office now. Crossing the River just sucks traffic wise as the system is over taxed major, and no one seems to do anything about it. Take for example Paseo Del Norte. This is one of our major East/West traffic ways. East of I-25, it’s a six lane limited access roadway with a speed limit of 55. West of I-25 it is a freeway style controlled access roadway with a top speed of 60mph. The only problem is that there is no full blown interchange between I-25 and Paseo. You have to deal with a normal freeway exit (traffic lights and all), plus you still have to deal with the traffic light at Jefferson before you enter the freeway part. The city and state know this is a major problem, but yet funding for this project is not expected to be available until 2015 or 2020. Mind you this have been a problem for 5 to 10 years easy, if not longer.

Its crap that like that which pisses me off to no end about this city. There are other things, but I will not get into that. Anyway, I think I shall end my rant, and go out into the Traffic HELL I call Albuquerque. Wish me luck. lol.
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