Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Still alive...

I have been totally slacking here on LJ again. Been way to freaking busy. My parents leave Friday to go move my sister to her intern site, so I will be house sitting for them for like 2 weeks. Also work has been freaking busy as hell. I had like 1.5 hours of over time. This week is not looking much better.

Lets see, other news: My ankle is bothering me again. Yep same ankle I did back in late Feb, so I am back wearing the air cast. I was doing really good up until about a month ago.

When we were in San Antonio for the Youth Gathering, I was sitting on the end of a row in the AlamoDome. Kate had texted me, but my phone was being a tard. Since Kate was just down at the other end of the row, and the row behind us cleaned out early for some reason, I was just going to walk down and talk to her (as best you can in a very loud environment like that). So I was getting up out of my seat, and I had put my arm on the arm rest to brace my self to get up. Well what I did not know or notice is that the arm rest folds up with the chair. Well so when I got up, the arm rest started to fold up, and I lost my footing, and my ankle twisted.

It hurt, but not as bad as in Feb when I did it in. So I walked it off that night (I had no choice as we were staying downtown for hotel life that night), and by the next day it felt 75% better, and was really not bothering me. So, now fast-forward to a week or two ago. I was walking up or down a incline, and lost my footing, and twisted my ankle again. It hurt but not as bad as San Antonio or in Feb.

So now we move to Monday, and my ankle was just feeling weak. Its hard to describe, but its just something I could feel. So Monday night I slept with the air cast on, but left it off when I went to work on Tuesday. Well got home from work Tuesday, and my ankle was really bothering me. So back on the cast went. Then today I wore the cast to work, and have continued to ware it tonight.

So not sure what is going on with that, but I am going to give it a few days back in the cast to see if that does anything. Worse case, I have to go back to the Dr to have them tell me that its going to need a week or more in the air cast. So be it. I can still walk just fine with out the air cast, but I feel like my ankle still has a lot of "give" to it. Hard to explain, just trust me on this, it does not feel right.

So thats really what's going on in my world right now. No news on the house front. Everything that has come on the market in the last month has eather been, way to small, way to much money, not in the right neighborhood, or overly large HOA (homeowners association fees) and so on.

There was a HUD house a few weeks (or longer) ago, but its got way too much water damage, and its not worth the $68,000 they want for it. If its still on the market in a few more weeks, I am going to see what new Manufactured Homes cost, and how much to destroy / remove them, and then make an offer on just the land or something like that. Cus really its a total loss. It's really a shame, it really could have been nice!

Also I found out that on that other HUD house, I was the second place bidder, and only lost by like 500 dollars or so, so not bad at all. I am not all bent about it, cus well I have no reason to be. I wonder if I could get a house on Ebay? LOL. They say they got it all...LOL.

Anyway, its freaking late, and I need to get to bed. In short, yep, still alive, been crap here on LJ with responding to comments and crap, and maybe next week I can get back to update on a normal schedule.
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