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So, I'm sitting here....

So, I'm sitting in my chair (at home for a change), and I've added up all the hours I've done something this week like working, going to school, mettings, writing e-mails for things, and guess what:

I've worked: 43 hours
Went to school: 9 to 12 hours
Worked on homework: 4 to 5 hours
Sat in mettings: 6 hours
Writing e-mails: 1.5 hours
Youth group: 9 hours
Been on the road:

So, for a grand total of: 72.5 to 76.5 hours this past week. I'm trying to figure out, A) When did I sleep & B) When have I had free time. Well, the answer to both, I have not!

Now yes, now I'm just bitching about things, but DAMN! LOL. I worked a lot this week. Now this would be a normal week if I worked full time. But I dont and I also had class. So, with work and school, I had a 55 hour week. DAMN.

Anyway, I hope to post normal crap next week, so look forward to our normal programing.

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