Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

I love the rain....

....but I hate cleaning up after it. So we got shit kicked by the rain last night / this morning yet again. More of our landscaping is down at the bottom of the road again, and I have yet another huge pile of someone else's landscape. Now granted, this is New Mexico, so when I say landscape, I really just mean rocks and dirt. LOL.

So last Monday I built a wall using cenderblock and dirt to try and divert the flood waters. Well, it did not hold. LOL. I wanted a storm to see if it would work, but I guess the rain that we got hit with this morning (which was freaking hard at my place) washed the sucker out. The huge ass pile of dirt both infront of and behind this wall is all gone. Also when I got in the office I was greated with a wet front door area again! (Makes mental note to kill Carl).

So here is what is on tap for Monday. I am going to talk to Dennis and see if he wants me to rebuild the wall using concreate and rebar (yes I know what I am doing). Also on tap for Monday is making Carl fix the door, something he has said he will do for ages now. (See my note about killing Carl). Then we shall go from there and see whats happens.

Also the best part about all of this, is there is another storm moving in to the area, so I am not even going to try and start with the clean up work until Monday. So next week is starting to look much like this week. LOL.

Well I think that is all for now....
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