Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Will it ever end?

So right now, I have 29.5 hours for the week, and mind you its only Wednesday. Monday I did 10.5 hours, Tuesday I did 9.5 hours, and today so far I have 9.5 hours in.

So I wrote the nasty-gram back to Verizon and am waiting to hear back from them. I have made my decision that so soon as Sprint Nextel come out with the quad band phone (Does both the Nextel Iden and sprint CMDA networks) we are switching over to Nextel. I am done dealing with a company that charges us a freaking arm and leg for service with shit customer service.

Now I am sure if we were not paying Verizon Wireless massive amounts of money each month, that they would love to see me go die in a ditch, but that goes both ways. I would love to see that company go die in a ditch. I mean, we freaking have almost 25 lines of service with them and spend over 1500 dollars a month on the bill, you think they could at least give me half way decent service right?

Also we are really looking hard at doing the GPS service on our phones so we know where all our guys are, at all times. Now granted Verizon can do this, but it means new (read as: Expensive) phones that Verizon would not cover for us. Also when we thought about testing there service, they wanted us to buy the phones, and if we did not like it, we could return it with in the 14 day return window. Um, Hello? Can you do loaner phones to test the service on? Cus um, I am not shelling out over 400 dollars just to test this with 2 phones.

Also we were going to try it (must have been a day I forgot my brain at home), but they never did order the phones, so I finally had to send this in an e-mail to them:

This email is to give notice that CAC INC no longer wants to try the “Field Force Management” system, nor does CAC INC wish to receive the two (2) Motorola V325 phones.

Even if the “Field Force Management” system might have been a good match for CAC, the level of customer service shown to CAC over the past year has been anything but excellent. Therefore I can not put faith in a new product from Verizon Wireless when so far CAC INC. has been shown poor customer service with the current products and services we hold with Verizon Wireless.

There was also some other fun stuff in that e-mail, but I will not put that here now. But lets put it this way, we had a meeting with them on March 24th, 2006 and by May 1st, 2006 I had not seen anything that they had promised me. So ya.

Anyway, it’s freaking late. I want to go home and have Beer and Steak, so I am out of here.
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