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It seems to never fail. I have questions; Verizon Wireless does not have answers, or just answers with something that is not even related to the question that I asked. It looks like I am going to have to play hardball again with them.

Basically we had a phone fail due to mech failure of the phone. The phones are hard to open, and as such require enough force that the user end's up breaking the phone. Also I have notice that this is not just limited to one phone. It’s more widespread then that, and I have seen this on at least 3 or 4 phones.

So I e-mail my rep and ask him if I can get that warranted cus it’s a failure of the phone, not due to the user of the phone. I get a reply back from my reps assistant saying that that phone number is "eligible for upgrade". What the fuck! I know that line is "eligible for upgrade", but I don’t want to. We got new phones for all of our lines except for 3 cus they had different contact dates. This does happen to be one of those 3 phones, but I put one of the new phones on that line due to other users not wanting to upgrade (cus they like there brick phones and the like), so I was able to put the new phones on the other users lines.

Also I should note that we ordered the phones on August 3, 2005. They come with a standard one year warranty which as I figure it, will expire tomorrow or sometime soon, but not yet. So since the phone in question that broke was one of the new phones from last year, I think they should warranty it.

Also in that e-mail I asked what we are to do once we leave the one year period. If I have to handle everything thru the insurance company, or if I can continue to warranty the phones up to the 2 year mark. I think they should do that with all of the fucking problems that we have had. I mean, I warranty around 2 to 4 phones a week! And this is not from user abuse!

So it looks like I am going to have to sit down this afternoon and write a nice e-mail letter to my rep and his assistant and CC my boss, and a few others in my organization. So ya, that is where I am at right now. What was a great day so far has just taken a shit dive. Thank you Verizon Wireless for probealy taking years off my life due to this shit.

As George Carlin would say "Fuck the Fucking Fuckers!", and that is how I feel right now!


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