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The aftermath...

The Aftermath of the storm. I am not even sure where to begin. The image to the right is the National Weather Services map of Observed Precipitation from yesterday (July 31). Under the cut is the Observed Precipitation for the whole month of July. Its amazing how much rain we have gotten. Its werid, cus everything is green, and the ground feels like one big sponge when you walk on it.

Well lets see, its still raining off and on out side. From what I can tell, it rained most of the night, and has been doing much of the same this morning. The city is very water-loged right now which has made things very fun in the city. Here at the office, we got around 1.25" of rain yesterday, and so far about another .10" of rain this morning.

Around the city the storm droped anywhere from 1.79" in the SE Heights of Albuquerque to just under 1" at my apartment. But Albuquerque did not even see the worse part of the storm. Yes we did have flooding in the city with over an foot of water in the UNM area, and 2 to 3 feet of water in the downtown area. But the worse of the storm was in Belen where they had to evacuate about 75 people due to flooding from the breaching of the New Belen Acequia and Highline Canal.

Here at the office, as you saw in the pictures from yesterday, we had water coming in the front door (can you say it needs work?), and a lot of our landscaping washed away in the rain. Again, I am sure it's sitting down at the bottom of the road in a big heap. I took some pictures last night before I left the office of the damage / aftermath, which are behind the cut. Enjoy...

National Weather Services Observed Precipitation for the Month of July. Albuquerque is right in the middle there.

Picture taken from out side the front door looking at what is left of our land-scaping.

A mini-water fall out side my office. Thats all run-off right there from up the hill.

Bigger picture of the run off. In the background you can see the mound of dirt from the last big storm we had. One of these days I will have to deal with that, but I think that will be after August.

Just some of the clean-up work I will have to do. All that dirt / mudd on the ground there will get added to that pile. Hehe. Anyone what to play "King of the Hill" like we all did in grade school?

Another close-up picture of the water-fall.
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