Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Wait, we just got how much rain in an hour?

So is it bad when the rain rate is like 2 inches in 20 to 30 minutes? Well thats what happend today in Albuquerque. The radar is from KOB-TV, and that big yellow and red part right in the middle is the Albuquerque metro area. So due to the fact that its like pitch black out side, and traffic in the city is going nowhere fast, I stayed at the office. So I figured I would find the office digital camera and take some pictures for you all to see. They are behind the cut with captions and all. Enjoy.

Also here is something from the National Weather Service: "Skywarn Spotters Reported Water A Foot Deep Near Central And Yale Near The University Of New Mexico Main Campus. Also... 1.87 Inches Of Rain Fell In Rio Rancho In About An Hour..."

Radar from the national weather service. Ya that big red dot in the center is Albuquerque, and my office is right in the middle of that. Yea.

Picture taken from an office on the second floor. Notice the big river running thru our parking lot. I think its bigger then the Rio Grande.

Well I figured out that the front door of our office leaks. Jee, I wonder what the first clue was?

More water leaking. I think we have figured out why we keep blowing the control card in that big metal box on the door. This explains so much. LOL.

An overview picture of the door. Notice the how nice the water is running down the door. lol. Also notice the trash-can catching all the water so it does not drip on the carpet.

Picture of what is left of our landscaping washing away. I am sure I can find it down at the bottom of the street in the morning, and someone else's landscaping will be in our parking lot again! Anyone need some fill dirt, cus I feel I am going to have a lot left over. LOL.
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